Swami Khecaranatha


Swami Khecaranatha (“Nathaji”) has been teaching Kundalini MahaYoga since 1972. With a mastery etched from four decades of inner practice and selfless service, he is an authentic adept of Tantric Shaivism and an initiated carrier in the Shaktipat Lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda and Swami Rudrananda (Rudi).

Nathaji is the in-house resident spiritual teacher of TrikaShala (Sacred Space Yoga Sanctuary) at Rudramandir. He lives and teaches full time in Berkeley, California, providing deep spiritual nourishment and guidance to students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Swami Khecaranatha’s books (Depth Over Time, Kundalini MahaYoga: A Path of Transformation and Liberation and Merging With the Divine, One Day at a Time) and guided meditation CDs can be purchased on his website.

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