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The place where spirit takes up residence and destroys all pain and suffering.

The center provides a nourishing environment for the journey towards profound physical
and spiritual well-being. Its mission is to serve the community by offering, under one roof,
a breadth of programs to aid in the exploration of each individual’s full potential.

hompage dodad small flippedhompage small dodadFrom ancient times the cultures of the world have turned to the transformational and healing effects of art,
natural medicines, music, and spiritual practices in the search for health,happiness, and fulfillment.
Upholding that tradition, Rudramandir is pleased to offer the community around us the opportunity to
make that contact with Spirit through our various programs:

          Meditation, Yoga, and Qi Gong     Holistic Healers            

Healing and Embodied Arts      Performing Arts 

The experience of celebration and expansion at Rudramandir is enhanced through the
adornment of the space with sacred art in the form of sculpture, painting, and architectural
elements, evoking the magnificence of Spirit.

Rudramandir is Owned and Operated by Sacred Space Land Corporation