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Hakomi.LogoOnly sm color lineHakomi is a state of the art method of experiential psychotherapy, through which practitioners in many fields find renewed inspiration and depth in their work.

The Hakomi Institute of California offers workshops and trainings in the Hakomi Method to professionals and the general populations. Trainings combine body-oriented techniques with verbal interventions supported by unique guiding principles (body-mind integration, mindfulness, non-violence and organicity) which create a gentle and respectful frame for the healing.

Trainings include didactic presentations integrated with highly experiential practice and supervision. Focus is on the clinical application of mindfulness which lies at the heart of the method. Trainings also include new findings and applications from the field of trauma, attachment and developmental neuroscience.

The Hakomi Method has been taught and practiced worldwide for the past three decades and can be applied effectively to both psychotherapeutic processes as well as in educational settings to facilitate self-exploration and personal growth.

2014 Hakomi Comprehensive Training

The Hakomi Comprehensive Training is designed to train non-clinical professionals who wish to incorporate various aspects of the Hakomi Method in their professions. It also provides a more in-depth training to clinicians. It typically begins in March and ends in December of each year and meets one weekend a month; in 2014, it runs from March 7-December 14.

In this 9 month training, you will learn how to:
· Apply mindfulness techniques with your clients
· Work experientially and somatically
· Understand and utilize the psychology of the body
· Use present experience as a direct route to core material
· Approach and befriend the client’s defenses and resistance


Current Classes:

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