SD cropped7Directions™ is an earth-based dance ceremony in existence since 2002 where free-form movement becomes healing medicine for life. Staci Boden and Jill Pettegrew lead 7Directions™ for individuals, women’s circles, private groups, organizations, and weekend retreats.  At Rudramandir, Jill and Staci co-facilitate 7Directions™ Sacred Dance Women's Circles: a five month healing journey that combines dance ceremony with the nourishing power of a women’s group.

Each group dances monthly starting September through January and February through June.

Accompanied by a blend of tribal, world, electronic, devotional, and pop music, women invoke intentions, learn to follow energy and move to their own rhythm. While sharing, laughing, dancing, grieving, celebrating, and eating yummy food together, women cultivate body wisdom and transform their lives. 7Directions™ becomes not only a monthly gathering of amazing women, but also a way to move through life.

For current dates visit Staci Boden (http://www.dancing-tree.com/7directions) and Jill Pettegrew (http://jillpettegrew.com/services/7-directions-sacred-dance-ceremony/7directions-sacred-dance-womens-circles/).

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